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Insert Moulding

Insert Moulding and Sub-Assembly components combine metal and polymer materials. This requires various factors to be correct to achieve precision components at efficient production speeds.

Advanex combines plastic injection moulding technology, with extensive metal stamping skills, in a single production line to achieve the highest quality from high volume production.

With Insert Moulding being a key process for the electronics industry, components have been undergoing continuous miniaturisation, while simultaneously the industry demands ever increasing reliability and intricate functional.

Our pricing competitiveness begins at the material development stage. It continues through final design, and can include automated packaging, value engineering and value analysis considerations.

Let us bring our expertise to your application!

The technology involved allows us to produce space-economical, highly reliable and lightweight parts. For example connectors, switches and a wide range of contacts. This also allows the production of high precision, quality, ultra-thin components where durability is vital.

With products such as mobile phones, laptops and video cameras, this technology is especially important. Our high-tech, modern manufacturing facilities and engineering design solutions enable us to provide custom designed components to suit many applications and environments.

We have developed our own precision production lines to ensure the highest finished quality for our products. Our comprehensive quality control system features the latest in computer analysis techniques and is being constantly improved to ensure maximum product reliability.



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