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Custom Spring Engineering & Design

Our expert engineering staff can work from your ideas, concepts, sketches, drawings, specifications, or part samples. We offer highest engineering support, assisting you in developing your initial designs and continuing to support your product throughout the design finalization, prototyping, manufacturing, testing and during the life cycle of your product.

Some of the services that we provide include: parts’ stress analysis, loads/forces/deflections calculations, 3D modeling, 2D production blueprints creation, In-house Fatigue Analysis, Weibull’s Failure Rate Plots and Goodman Diagrams, Thermal Analysis, Finite Elements Analysis, Non-Linear Springs Designs, FLIR thermal measurements, dynamic analysis, plastic springs design, creation of the BOM and BOO, manufacturing routing of the parts, creation of the lowest manufacturing costing methods for the parts, etc.

If requested, as a part of the services we can provide metallurgical analysis, metallographic analysis, mass spectrometry analysis, etc.

We can assure compliance that your parts will be made out of materials or plating that is according to ASTM, DIN, JIS, AMS, MIL, EN standards.

Our engineering team utilizes the strengths of our Advanex Group engineering team with our seventeen worldwide divisions to help you design parts for the most challenging of applications.

The focus that we place on the quality of our parts it is shown in our use of SPC computerized techniques, DOE, Lean, 5S, DOE, Kaizen, FEMAs, PPAPs, PQPs, MSDS, RoHS, APQP, etc. We review and assign the levels of the Cpk and Ppk for the critical measurements, and assure the regulatory compliances, etc.

Our engineering team continually works on modernizing & improving the manufacturing process, by regular training and improvement of our employees and manufacturing techniques. Part of it is introducing of the latest spring manufacturing machines and equipment, linear gauges, laser gauges, vision systems, robotic equipment, etc.

We would love to work with you on your project in all of the phases from the initial idea to the mass production.

We offer our customers complete solutions for all of their spring needs. Contact us today for your custom spring manufacturing needs.


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