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Press Release: New Mexico Plant

Our new central Mexico manufacturing plant is located in Queretaro, Mexico about 2 hours north of Mexico City. Queretaro has been recognized as the fastest growing city in all of Mexico, and recently 1st place nationally in FDI (Foreign Direct Investment). This plant is located along the NAFTA corridor for easy transportation between the Americas and Canada, and is far enough from the congestion of Mexico City that it will become an easy stopover for your staff to come visit as we grow our business relationship. Queretaro has been touted as the new hub for growth in all of Mexico and its’ reputation as the “2-hour city” describes its central location virtually within 2 hours of anywhere you’d want to go in Mexico. This coupled with the population growth and educated labor base makes our new plant an ideal partner for your manufacturing needs.

Our new Queretaro plant is a brand new state of the art building visible from the main highway and with quick and easy access to the NAFTA transportation corridor. Our plant is located at FINSA Park II, a high tech manufacturing park with Automotive, Aerospace, and Commercial manufacturing tenants as neighbors. Our facility is currently 3,074 square meters with room to double in footprint within 24 months as our customer requirements grow. Our plant features a spacious lobby, executive conference room, and 178 square meters of air conditioned office space for our engineers, logistics, quality, sales and support teams to help you get the parts you need – when you need them.


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