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CoilThread® Tangless® Inserts

Our Approach

Threaded Inserts are used to reinforce and repair thread in softer materials, such as Aluminium, they provide one of the strongest and lightest joint in these weaker material making them ideal for Aerospace, Rail and Automotive applications

Produced at our modern manufacturing facility within the United Kingdom, and using the latest technology and equipment Advanex provide a complete range of inserts from M2 to M12 in various D dimensions , materials and packaging options to support both our Tanged and Tangless® ranges and to offer our customers a complete package.


They speed up and simplify installation to reduce production costs. Yet as radically improved as they are, CoilThread® Tangless® inserts require absolutely no additional engineering and incur no cost implications for assembly modifications.

The Tangless® insert range from small to large sizes, remains lightweight, which can help minimise the size and weight of the final component or application, creating additional savings.

Tangless® Threaded Inserts have all the characteristics of the common Tanged Threaded inserts but in addition they eliminate the need for breaking of the Tang and retrieve the tang and are easily adjusted or removed after installation, this unique selling point also creates savings such as:


No tang to break off, retrieve, lose or count. The Tangless® design saves time and reduces risk of foreign objects remaining within a critical application.


Bi-directional design eliminates the need to orientate the inserts for installation significantly reducing installation and inspection time. Strip Feed packaging also speeds installation time.


The quick easy removal means no damaged threads and this non-destructive removal prevents damage to expensive machined parts or castings.




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