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CoilThread® Tanged Inserts

Our Approach

Our high quality range of Tanged Inserts is not only produced from the best quality material and at a competitive price but to further support this market leading product we offer

A Standard Range - The complete range of standard inserts is available in Free Running form in both Metric and Unified sizes, ranging from M2.5 to M12 in Metric, and 2-56 to ½-13 in Unified. All sizes can be supplied in 1D,1.5D and 2D lengths. Longer 2.5D & 3D lengths available upon request.

We also produce special inserts from high temperature materials such as Inconel X750 , and offer an anti-galling product manufactured from material with properties comparable with Nitronic 60.

Additionally we can supply cadmium, silver or dry film lube plating to suit your application. Other plating options available upon request.

Locking Range - For applications in which cyclic vibration or impact can be a concern the entire range can be produced in a Locking form to provide a reliable thread and confidence.

Materials- The standard range is manufactured from diamond shaped cold-rolled Type 304 Stainless Steel wire (AS7245), which is finished to provide a surface which is exceedingly smooth, virtually eliminating friction-induced thread erosion.

Packaging- for more automated or high volume applications they can be supplied on a plastic strip in reel form which we call Strip Feed. The inserts are held securely in the reels of plastic tape and neatly coiled into reels.

Tooling - A full range of gauges, installation and removal tools have been designed and tested to further support the Tanged range and depending on your application and budget can be supplied as Hand Tools, Air Tools and Electric Tools.

Quality - With over 25 years of manufacturing and engineering experience the Tanged range of inserts meet or exceed all applicable military, aerospace, and commercial standards and we provide full traceability for our customer peace of mind.


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