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Our Approach

ADVANEX's production system is fully equipped with both multi-forming machines and press machines, allowing us to produce complex components through to simple forms.

Our multi-forming techniques provide Advanex with the ability to produce components with the minimum amount of scrap wastage, in some cases literally fitting to the width of the component.

This reduction in scrap material benefits our customers with not only the cost but reduces the overall affect to the environment.

Advanex have experience and knowledge of spring forming materials as diverse as stainless steel, precoated material, spring steel, titanium, nitronic, phosphor bronze and pre hardened materials.

Our engineering and design team can support our customers with the design and development of the optimum product and production solution for their application.

Flat springs and pressings are generally manufactured from stock material and are loaded by bending the spring, or a section of it.

Most flat springs and pressings are produced on power presses, or multi-slide machines, although small quantities are produced by hand methods.

For small to medium quantities of parts it is not unusual to have a number of secondary operations to complete the part, rather than having to invest in expensive tooling.

There is an infinite variety of shapes of flat springs and pressings only limited by imagination, and the support of an experienced design team is required to ensure the right design solution is achieved for functionality and form.

Advanex has extensive experience of design and developing complex tooling for flat spring manufacture. Having the ability of being able to produce very small quantities of hand made parts supported by a highly skilled tool room we can meet with our customers’ needs.


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